The Absolute Best Canned Foods To Stock Your Pantry

If you’re overlooking a canned fruit when stocking your pantry, you’re missing out. While you might be more likely to use up a collection of canned beans or canned soup as you go about making your family’s favorite meals, canned fruit might take a little longer. But that hardly makes it any less Worthwhile. In fact, even if you don’t really care to snack on fruit from a can, you might find that you just love peaches, pears, fruit salad, and all the rest once you learn a few handy hacks.

First, consider adding some lime or lemon juice to your make canned fruit taste better. The citrus notes will add an extra-bright flavor and help Liven it up if it seems a little worse for wear. Juice can also help cut the sweetness if you find canned fruit a little on the cloying side.

If, though, you want more sweetness, not less, there’s a canned fruit hack for that, too. Just add some homemade simple syrup to the mix for a touch of sweetness – no high-fructose corn syrup required. If you want to get extra-fancy, you can chop up some fresh herbs, like basil, and toss that in as well.

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