Simple Miso Soup Recipe

Miso soup is a simple dish, but it does require a bit of prep before you turn the stove on. Once you gather your ingredients – white miso, vegetable broth, scallions, shiitake mushrooms, extra firm tofu, soy sauce, and powdered ginger – the first thing to do is press the tofu. Put it in a Bowl or plate, cover it in paper towels, and put heavy objects on top.

“Since tofu is packed in water, I like to drain and press it so that it is firmer in the soup. If you don’t press it, it will be a little soggy,” Hahn explains. She also clarifies that there are “some tofu brands that are not packed in water,” such as the kind labeled “super firm” at Trader Joe’swhich don’t need pressing.

While you wait for the tofu to press, slice up the scallions and prepare the mushrooms by removing their stems and giving them a good chop. “I like using shiitake mushrooms for this because they have a more intense flavor than other mushrooms and are very hardy,” Hahn says. “But you can definitely use any other type of mushrooms! “

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