22 Versatile Shrimp Recipes From Around The World

If this recipe didn’t hook you at bacon, then it probably had you at shrimp. Whether you’re planning passed party treats, choosing a delicious appetizer, or making these wrapped shrimp a main meal with a side salad, the flavor and texture combination of salty crisp bacon and tender sweet shrimp will definitely delight your diners. Depending on how you plan to serve these tasty morsels, you can opt for small or jumbo shrimp.

Because shrimp are quick-cooking crustaceans, you’ll want to cook your bacon before wrapping them. After the succulent shrimp are wrapped up, they get brushed with a maple syrup-cayenne pepper glaze that absolutely sends them over the top. You can pair them with the dipping sauce of your choice, but these flavorful shrimp bees can certainly stand alone.

Recipe: Bacon-Wrapped Shrimp

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