22 Best Creamy Soup Recipes

baked feta soup topped with Breadcrumbs


We LOVE soup here at Delish. Cold summer gazpachos, chicken soups, noodle soups… We enjoy them all. When we’re craving something extra comforting though, nothing beats a Bowl of creamy soup (except maybe chicken noodle soup, if we’re particularly under the weather). Whether you’re looking for a weeknight dinner side dish, or a soup that’s hearty enough to be a meal, we’ve got a recipe for you. Check out our 30 creamy soup recipes for ideas — we feel all warm and comforted just thinking about them.

There are a couple ways to take a soup from thin and blah to thick and creamy. There’s a classic heavy cream, of course, which makes soups like ours creamy tomato Parm soupour she-crab soupand our cream of mushroom soup extra delicious. Another great (and non-dairy) option is Coconut milk. You could use the thin tetra pack Coconut milk (comparable to almond milk) to bulk out the liquid in your soup, but when you want something creamy and dreamy, you gotta go for the can. It’s not just for curries, either (though we certainly love it in those recipes too). Try our Thai chicken Coconut soupour Coconut curry red lentil soupor our creamy chicken ramen to see how versatile it can be.

Looking for something with lower calories (we get it, heavy cream and Coconut milk are rich)? Try subbing either for Greek yogurt, like in our green Goddess soupour mulligatawny soupor our zucchini soup—The yogurt gives them an Unexpected slight Tang you’ll love. You can also always sub for low-cal or “lite” versions of the Originals, just be aware they won’t be quite as yummy as their full-fat counterparts. If you want to avoid cream or liquid all together, you can do that too. Instead, try just blending in some cheese, like in our baked feta soup; using potatoes to thicken, like in our spinach soup; or letting cauliflower work its magic in our cauliflower flame soup (seriously, is there anything cauliflower can’t do ?!).

Want even more soup inspiration? Check out our favorite fall soups and winter soups. And you know what goes great with soup? Salad! Check out our favorite winter salads and fall salads too.

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